All survivors are expected to follow the rules and failure to abide by them may result in the removal of your structures, creatures, items or a full ban from Dragehend Servers.

I hope that you have fun experiences on Dragehend Servers, and that you treat other survivors with respect. Please read each of the rules below, not understanding or not knowing the rules is not a valid excuse to break them.


  • Tribe names must be the same on all maps.
  • Tribes whose members engage in cheating, exploits or general rule breaking will be corrected, and it is recommended that you either remove survivors who are breaking rules in your tribe or remove yourself from the tribe.

Dragehend's Survivor Shops

  • Survivors found exploiting the shop can have their strucutures, dinos, or survivor file deleted.
  • PVP is disabled in this zone.
  • Players are allowed 1 shop.
  • Each Shop is allowed to have 1 billboard and 1 sign. The billboard must be built within the 5x5 foundations or on the porch.
  • Shops are limited to 5x5 (25 foundations) in size, and may be 3 stories tall.
  • Shops can have a front porch that extends 1 foundation out.
  • All assets must be placed within the shop. Dino tables are the exception may be placed outside the shop but must be immediately next to the shop (within 1 foundation)
  • Shops can be built next to other player foundations, building restrictions have been removed in this zone.
  • If you find a spot that you want to build and you are going to build your shop over time, please mark off your property with pillars so other players do not plan to build in the area you plan to build.
  • Gold Coins are monitored and suspected duplication will result in freezing of assets, deletion of assets and/or ban. Intentionally blocking other players from building outside of your 5x5 area (plus porch and dino table) area is prohibted.
  • Do not build within 8 foundations of the public teleporter


  • Each event may have different rules and will be posted on discord before the event begins. It is expected that every survivor reads the rules and abides by them. Survivors who do not follow event rules will be banned from attending events for 21 days. If the rules are broken again, they will be banned for 6 months.


  • Insider Raiding: Joining a tribe to assist another tribe or yourself in a raid against that tribe is a bannable offense.
  • Do Not place spike walls, aggressive dinos, turrents, or pillar spam in spawn areas.


  • Do not impersonate, offend, post personal information (doxxing), harass, stalk or threaten other survivors.
    Survivors are allowed to trash talk, but if someone asks you to stop or someone else witnessing the trash talk asks you to stop, you have to stop or it is considered harassment.
  • Do not promote any products or services that are not owned by Dragehend unless there is an agreement with Dragehend.


  • FOBs must be dismantled immediately following a raid.

Awesome Teleporters

  • Awesome Teleporters have been enabled on all maps in the cluster. Each tribe can build up to 3 teleporters, and there will be additional public teleporters available to everyone throughout the map.
  • Be careful teleporting dinos, and make sure that you are building your teleporters on flat ground with enough room to transport your dinos or they will get stuck. I can help any dinos you have get unstuck, but it may take up to 24 hours for me to process your request.
  • The dino tracker and teleport remote engrams have been disabled, and retriving corpses has been disabled.